Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Yummy Ramen!

No, not this ramen.
This ramen.
Tai loves ramen. In LA there are ramen shops everywhere. Here not so much. The Uwajimaya near our house serves ramen. Not bad as good as Samurai Noodle but not too bad. But I wanted to learn to make ramen at home so we can have it when ever we want.
After a couple of failed attempts I decided that I would have to get some help. I found these at Uwajimaya:Here's Tai's:
Made with the miso. I added roasted pork (that I made the night before), a hard boiled egg, green onions and nori. This one is mine:
I made mine with tofu, a hard boiled egg, and green onion. The broth is right on. I will definitely be buying this again. The thing I love about ramen is that's very customizable.
Oh, this stuff is nothing like Top Ramen. It's so much better. The miso broth is like fish soup and the tonkotsu is a pork broth. As you can see it's not clearish like the top ramen. It's meaty like a meal. I do keep the Top Ramen on hand though. Tai likes to make soups and will use that as a base. I like the noodles so I use them in soups.


  1. I have ramen almost everyday for lunch, good ramen, not top ramen. I use "Saporro" a Japanese brand. I usually poach an egg in mine and toss some greens on top. YUMMY!

  2. I may have to try this... Have never had anything but Top Ramen. I know, I know......

    Oh, and by the way, didn't know that New Potatoes and Red Potatoes were not the same thing. Red Potatoes do not work so well for Crash Potatoes. They are kind of more like smashed-all-over-the-pan potatoes! But they were still yummy.
    Oh, and John McCain's ribs are great!! We tweaked the spices to be more of a barbeque spice, which we like better, but the technique is awesome!!!!!!

  3. Yeah, Chris made fun of me because I didn't know my potatoes!! ;-) They turned out okay, they just had to be scooped up, they weren't the little "discs" of potato like they were supposed to be. Oh well. I'll try them again!

    And yes - the ribs are AWESOME! Sooooo sooooo good. And easy! We made them yesterday again! Like I said, we used a Barbeque spice rub and liked it a little better. It wasn't as pepper-y. I'm pretty sure you could use any spices you wanted on them, though, and they would still turn out deliciously.

  4. These look soooo good. It is freezing where I am and a bowl of hot soup would hit the spot!


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