Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Chocolate, Chocolate everwhere

Here are few things that me and my friends made at baking day over the weekend. I love baking day. Sitting around, making goodies, and talking. Here are some things that we made.
Kris made these chocolate covered mice. These are adorable and great to make with kids or for them. I made these love Chocolate covered Shortbread logs or as I called them poo logs :) Very easy to make. I made the shortbread one night and just dipped them in chocolate the next day. Jen made these rum balls. I don't know what recipe she used since it's one her mom used, but here are some recipes.
There are of course more things that we made, but I don't have pictures of everything yet so there will be another post with those later.


  1. The mouse is so cute.

    And I love the poo logs too. Every year for the holidays we have to make what we call Elf crap and Snowman poop. It's basically just mashed up oreos mixed with cream cheese and dipped in almond bark.

    Everyone just loves them, but man are they rich.

  2. hummm those looks yummyy... lol
    They really do look good, I just LOVE chocolate any type and kind with anything! They are one of my many weaknesses. By the way I really liked the Chewy lemon cookie recipe I'll sure try them later on, then I'll let you know how I did.

  3. Am I seeing things, or are the rum balls bright blue?? I am not the culinary queen, but I have never seen a baked good that color before :) Looks neat!


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