Thursday, April 16, 2009

Give Me Some More Room

Ever since we got back from Vegas it's been obvious that our bed is too small. Every night one of awakes up dangling off the side of the bed. Despite the fact that we'll give up valuable floor space I think it's time we start looking for a king size bed.

I really like the look of a metal bed frame. It's what we have now. But there is something about this one, that makes me think it might be time for a change.I just love how cozy it looks. All our blankets are blue and purple so I'm not sure it would look good with the white wood. Plus all our other furniture is light colored wood. Perhaps this white wood bed is for when we can buy an entire bedroom set.
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  1. Cheers to KING size! I always believe that we should invest in our beds...we spend half our lifetime on them. ~Have fun selecting dear!

  2. We got our headboard from Overstock. It was an interesting affair watching as my Dad ordered all of us and realizing half way through that we were putting the thing together upside down.

    A can of varnish makes all wood much prettier. At least I think so he he he

  3. We have a king size bed but so far no headboard or footboard, though my hubby has been promising to make one for quite some time. If I had to choose one I would pick the white one..I love it!

  4. For your small space you could always just get the bed, and forgo the headboard and footboard. Making the whole investment cheaper for now. Then when you guys get a bigger place you can get whatever you heart desires.

  5. We need a bigger bed too! I love the white one!! We have sort of a nautical theme in our bed room with navy and white so that one would be great! But then we'd need all new furniture too!


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