Monday, April 13, 2009

Jennifer's Easter Soup

On Saturday Jennifer invited us over for Easter dinner. I immediately said yes since she mentioned she was making her Easter Soup. The last time I had this soup was 4 years ago when she last made. I've been salivating for it ever since.I begged her to let me share her recipe on here and she agreed. So here is Jennifer's Easter soup:

Easter Soup
A Polish Tradition

3 double lengths smoked, Polish Kielbasa (Hillshire Farms)
3 -8 oz tubs of sour cream
2 tbsp flour to thicken
Horseradish root
Boiled Easter eggs

Cover the Polish sausage with water. Cook to boil then lower temperature. Cook on stove for 45-60 minutes. Wrap sausage in foil. Boil water down to about ½. In a separate pan, whisk together on medium heat 2 of the 8 oz sour creams, 2 raw eggs, and 2 tbsp flour. Continue to cook and stir until it starts to brown. Slowly, ladle sausage water into sour cream mix, continuing to beat and mix. Then pour this sour cream mix into the rest of the sausage water. When it starts to boil, mix and lower the heat. Simmer and taste. If not tart enough, add vinegar or salt. If not thick enough, add more sour cream and flour together. Don’t cover.

Serve by cutting sausage into a bowl with boiled and chopped egg. Cover with soup and add shaved horseradish and pepper to taste. Recently, a friend tried the soup with some fresh spinach leaves and loved it- a nice new twist on a delicious tradition.

Thank you Jennifer for letting me share this tradition with everyone. And thank you sharing this tradition with me.


  1. I had this in Poland! I slurped it down so fast. I actually kind of liked it with the beets as well (a different, just as common variety from what I can tell).

  2. You had me at 3- 8oz tubs of sour cream!!! Looks delish!! but very time consuming so I'm requesting that Jennifer come to my house next year and make it!!


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