Friday, April 17, 2009

A Delicate Issue

Some of the pics in this post may not be SFW. You were warning.
As a child I used to look at movie stars and dream what I'd look like when I grew up. In the 80's Farah Fawcett was all the rage. Or at least in my house. I think my dad thought she was attractive or my mom thought he thought that.But I always wondered why Farah's boobs were so far down her chest. I think I even asked my mom. I don't remember her answer but it was probably something to do with Farah's frame or her utter lack of boobage in this picture. Then we had Liz Taylor with her boobs under her chin. My mom thought Liz was a pretty classy lady so I hoped my boobs would be under my chin when I grew up. BTW, my mom was never without her bra so I think we both had the same fear:
Saggy boobs! I've definately noticed a downward trend lately. I'm really scared of the sag!
My friend Janet isn't going to let me run around with saggy boobs. She took me a few years ago to get measured and reminds to get measured again and again. She disapproves of my Target bras but at least they are the right size.
But there are other women out there obviously without a Janet. I saw a woman a few weeks ago, her arm was in a cast so I figure that's why her DD's were flopping around without a bra. I could totally tell through her shirt! So if you don't have a Janet consider this your warning. Get measured, lady. It'll take 10lbs off your frame and make you feel a whole lot better. And while you're at it, take a friend with you. Then hang out at the mall and make fun of people who are sagging and flopping around ;)


  1. I think this only applies to girls with big boobs. I always wear a bra, sure, but it's because I need the extra padding in my Wonderbra to make me look proportional. Without a bra, I look pretty much like your average 11 year-old girl.

    Kris and I have a friend who has never worn a bra. Ever. It was fine when we were in college and everything is still high, proud, & perky. Now that we're in our 30's, though, not so much. She's not huge, but her boobs are big enough that she definitely needs a bra. I adore her, but every time I see her, I think, "man, she'd look 20 pounds thinner if she just hoisted those puppies up properly."

  2. It is interesting how sometimes sag has nothing to do with size. You can have really lower sitting saggy boobs and be a small B.

  3. Bossy Janet here :)

    A great fitting brassier just makes a girl (or at least me) feel great, as well as making her look that much thinner. I love that when I put on something sexy it doesn't matter how ratty my outer wear is, I just feel cute.

  4. I want to point out that Janet's only bossy cause she cares :)

  5. Get measured once a year too! When you find a bra you like, buy three of them, cause you should never wear a bra 2 days in a row. Good post!

  6. It's funny you post this now. My sister was just telling me to get fitted after I got increasingly frustrated at the shop last weekend.'ve convinced me. :-)

  7. LOL!! I love the pics!
    I think part of Farrah's problem here is that she's rounding her back and hunched over. If she were to sit up straight, her boobs would perk up a bit.

    Okay, so I'm guilty - a little. I desperately need a new bra or two. Mine are old and stretched out. But it's so hard to find good ones that aren't like $50. And since I don't have double D's, I don't have to worry so so much about the uber-support. But after reading this, I'll go out and get measured....

  8. lol!!! I have small boobs, and I'm young, but I'm still all about the bra. I get too cold to go without one!

  9. I've got tiny boobs so this problem is for you lot - i hope?!?!?! Now i'm not so sure. ok ok, i'll get measured.


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