Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Library Loot #6

We got quite a haul this week. Couldn't fit it all into one picture!

Wow, we've got a lot of reading to do.
So the Orson Scott Card books. The Speaker of the Dead is for Tai. He read Ender's Game a few months ago and since he is running low on books. I got that one for him. While I was perusing the Orson Scott Card selection I noticed he wrote a couple of books about biblical women. Since I adored the Red Tent (and have yet to find anything close) I thought I'd try his books.
Caress of Twilight is another for Tai. He's read Hamilton's Anita Blake series and was looking for more. He's liking this series as well.
Luxe and Waltz with Bashir I found through Ominivoracious. I'm a little embarrassed that I read it since it's a corporate blog (Amazon) and I try to read the blogs of real people like you. But they do have some good finds. And they constantly post about all sorts of new books. Sigh, I'm hooked. But Luxe is for me and Tai and I will probably read Walt for Bashir.
The Girl She Used to Be and North of Beautiful are finds from Life In The Thumb. I forsee Staci helping me add to my to be read pile!
I found out about The Rest Falls Away from Sam's Book Blog. After reading the Twlight series I need some more vampire books.
I loved the movie Thank You For Smoking. Hello, Aaron Eckhart, yummy! And I've read another of Christopher Buckley's books (the very funny Florence of Arabia). So I thought we'd take a chance on this one.
And lastly we have The Seven Ages. I don't know where it came from. I don't remember requesting this book (all the other books were placed on hold for me). I'm at a loss. Anyone know anything about this book?
So what about you? Get anything good this week? Reading anything good?


  1. Fun library loot week for you :D
    I went in today and came out with 2 books so gotta post soon :)

  2. Before I even read your post I was saying to myself as I saw the pictures of the books you brought home, "I believe Linda and I would get along great!!" How funny when I see further down that you mentioned me and the two books you got from my blog post!!! I'm smiling!! :) I also read The Rest Falls Away and am really looking forward to finishing that series sometime this year. I too loved the Red Tent, so let me know if Card's books are good. I like your hubby...I loved Ender's Game. That is a huge hit with the boys in my middle school!! I want to read Luxe, it's on my TBR list...heck, I'll admit it...just about every book is on my TBR list!!!


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