Saturday, April 18, 2009


readingI really enjoyed Revolutionary Road. I understood Jack and April's feelings and by the end of the book felt that I had become friends with them. I was sad to finish the book. I liked how the book made me think about my own life. Was I happy? What had I given up? Yates' writing style was incredible and really got under my skin in a good way. Highly recommended. Hello My Name is Alice also wrote a review-watch out though, some minor spoilers. Melody's Reading Corner did a review as well.

I bought this before we left for Vegas. It really works. I get dry skin patches in the winter but not with this. Totally combats dry skin!


We love Nathan Filion so I knew we'd be watching this show. We love this show. We love the back and forth between Castle and Beckett. I hope this show sticks around.


  1. I bought REv Rd a week or two ago and hope to start it soon. (are you doing the R-A-T?)

  2. I have Revolutionary Road on my bookshelf. I need to plow through my huge library stack and then I might just force myself to start reading what I own!!

  3. I'll have to try that lotion! I am always trying new ones. I use it everyday and go through it like crazy.

  4. We are loving Castle too- and also hoping it sticks around...


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