Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Kitchen Decor-Check

I had been looking for something to go on the wall in our kitchen. I didn't want to hang a picture since I knew they would get greasy and grimy after awhile. Since I tend to be lax in my cleaning, I wanted to find something low maintenance and attractive. I settled on these from Joann's.
I wish they were a little bigger but that's ok. And that's as clean as I get in the kitchen!
I finally got all the walls in the apartment decorated. Woo Hoo!


  1. Nice! I really like abstract art... and i want decorations on ALL my walls too!!!

  2. LOVE IT!
    I am a huge fan of metal stuff like that. We have a large one over our bed from Target. I think it was $30. I have also seen them on crazy clearance at places like Stupid Prices and Ross. Very nice :-)

  3. Very cute! We FINALLY hung up pictures in our living room. We've lived there for 4.5 years!

  4. I really like those!! You're right about stuff getting greasy and whatnot in the kitchen. Good choice Linda!

  5. They look really good! You know, if you're thinking they are too small, you could go and buy one more and have 3 - but I think they look fine as they are!

  6. Those look great and I love the placement!


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