Monday, July 27, 2009

Is This Google Reader Or Am I On Facebook?

I was reading my blogs one morning and I noticed something odd:Click to enlarge but it say "1 person likes this". Since when did Google incorporate Facebook's Like button? Is Google letting you know someone likes your post? If you click on it tells you who liked it. I'm a little too disturbed to like it. Is Facebook infiltrating my life?
And if you want to like something, the button is at the bottom of the post next to the star feature. Yeah it took me a while to find it.
What do you think? Do you like it? Did you even know this existed?


  1. I actually noticed it one morning thanks to Cake Wrecks. So for a few days I went around liking all the people's blogs who I frequent that I like to give them a boost.

    Then I got bored with it and stopped. I have a funny feeling that's how about most of the reading public will react. Use it a ton when they discover it, get sick of it, and it'll be ignored.

  2. I saw it but never thought anything about it until now!!!

  3. really? I never saw that. weird. I;m ok as long as there is not "dislike" button....too much social pressure haha

  4. Never saw it until now! Crazy. Thanks for pointing it out.

  5. I noticed that the other day! It's kinda weird...

  6. Is it only in Reader??
    I don't know where it is. Obviously I've never noticed it before.

    Told you that I'm not a computer genius!

    By the way - thanks for the advice on the posts. I'll have to start thinking about some shorter ones - you're right. I've just been having the problem that I can't think of ANYTHING that I think is interesting enough to post. Maybe y'all will just get a bunch of pics of my dogs! LOL!!

  7. I never saw this and have to say that I am not a fan. They should leave things like this for Facebook!


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