Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Preservation Kitchen

On Saturday, Janet, Kris and I headed to Preservation Kitchen. Janet had been there once before and I had seen how packed the parking lot was on more than one occasion. I knew this was the place to try. The restaurant is in a restored house. It maintains a lot of that cozy house feel.
The food is local and sustainable. I was impressed by the offerings and found it difficult to choose.
Kris ordered the eggs Benedict with bacon. Instead of an English muffin they use a biscuit. And they were stingy with the hollandaise for poor Kris, so the whole thing was kind of dry.
Janet got the salmon omelet. You can't see it but take my word for it. She enjoyed it the last time she was there and got it again.I also got the eggs Benedict but with spinach instead of meat. I got a generous helping of hollandaise which helped the dry biscuit situation tremendously.
Preservation Kitchen is a little off the beaten track and a little out of my way but worth it. Highly recommended.

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