Saturday, July 11, 2009


I'd heard about Shandy's before. We choose this because Tai's not a fan of most beers. It's smooth and a little sweet. Perfect for both of us. I like the combination. Tai likes that it doesn't really taste like beer.


I've broken 2 of my sunglasses and left my other pair at a friend's house. And it's sunny here. I need sunglasses. I'll be out looking for a pair this weekend.

I bought this pan at Target last year. It's from their Calphalon line. I thought I'd use it occasionally. Ha. It's replacing my cast iron skillet as my go to pot. If only it went into the oven.


  1. I really like Woodchuck Amber Cider. It's not a beer, I guess, but it's sweet, smooth, and awesome! :D

    And I love Calphalon pans. That's what I use, but the stainless steel. It's perfect.

    So you guys have your own hookah? I was thinking that Brett & I should try to buy one, but I'm afraid I'd burn my arms off and all that jazz. At the bar we went to, they set it up and even brought around hot coals periodically. Can't get that service at home, haha.

  2. I'm going to have to track that beer down!! Sounds good!!

  3. I haven't had shandy in years. That does bring back memories.

    I'm not a big fan of most beers they have too much of a harsh after-taste. Ale is the best because they don't all taste the same like most beers. I love me an ale.

  4. Nice post. You know, I'm currently needing sunglasses too. my eyes are about to catch fire from sun rays

  5. Ooh... I love sunglasses. Great choices!


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