Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Totally Creepy Soaps

I was talking to a friend over the weekend and she mentioned how she wanted to buy this soap:
Creepy baby hand soap. Ew. She also said she wanted to make a hand dish to hold the soap in. A little too much hand things in her bathroom.
So what other creepy soap products are out there.How about soap that grows fur? And a tiny mouse embedded in the soap as a reward when you finish the bar. Bizarre.
How about soap shaped like a pair of cowboy boots? Looks too much like chocolate. I might try to eat that.Soap in the shape of peanuts? I don't know why these don't really look like peanuts to me.
For me soap should be in a bar or liquid. I'm closed minded that way :)


  1. What's even creepier than the baby hands is the baby feet. I saw some of those soaps and just felt like I slipped into some fetish's fantasy land.

    I did also find one creepy soapdish while looking for ours on Etsy. It was made to look like dirt with a bird going for worms. Only the worms were bright white and looked more like maggots. That's what I want to find under my soap when I wash my hand, ceramic maggots.

  2. Ugh! I'm very closed minded about soap. It's strictly bar or liquid for me. Any other shape or form creeps me out, especially food shapes. No clue why food shapes freak me out so much than baby shapes, haha.

  3. The baby hand soap will haunt my dreams.

  4. That baby hand soap has got to be the creepiest thing yet!! Who would want that??????

  5. LOL!! Okay, the cat soap just had me giggling. Furry soap?? Ewww....

  6. The hand soap totally freaks me out!


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