Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Bagel, Lox and Some Shmear

On Saturday Tai decided he wanted bagels and cream cheese with lox. There's only one place near us I would go for such items-Gilberts on Main.
We got there early enough that there was no line. I've been there when there is a line out the door and no tables to be found.
I got what we came there for:And Tai got the lox and eggs scramble.
Very yummy. Everything hit the spot. We even got some bagels to go for later.


  1. I have never had bagels with lox. Though I didn't really even have a bagel til I was much older.

    What's lox like?

  2. Um! I think I know what I'll have for Saturday morning brunch (if I can wait that long)!

  3. The scrambled one looks delicious!! Stop with all this food woman!!!

  4. I love lox! And especially love lox and eggs. yum!


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