Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Chop, Chop

On Thursday I made an appointment at my favorite salon to get my cut and color. When I go to get my hair cut, I don't take pictures, just a vague idea of what I want. And this time, I decided not to be boring but to be bold and daring. And this is bold and daring for me when cutting my hair:
Ignore the stupid half smile. I cut off about 6 inches without really meaning to. I said shoulder length and the girl decided that meant that my hair should hardly touch my shoulders. And I can hear you, what about the color? Well I decided to just cover my grays but she added a violet gloss which you can only see in certain light. I do love that. I don't know if I love my new cut yet. It doesn't really matter since it will grow up in a matter of months!


  1. I think it looks nice and I really like the side swept bangs!

  2. I LOVE IT!!!!
    It looks so good, Linda!

    My hairstylist is like that too - I'll tell her I just need a trim, and somehow my hair will end up about 1 to 2 inches shorter...
    But I like that length on you, and the sideswept bangs!

    I need to color my hair, but I ususally just do it at home. The purple gloss sounds really interesting.

  3. You kidding about not loving that cut? IT LOOKS AWESOME!!! I LOVE IT!! I think everyone who's had long hair needs to cut it off once in a while to reclaim themselves! I did last summer and now it's still growing out but I think sometime this year it will be cut off again!

  4. I love it! Kudos to you for having the guts to cut it off! I think it looks great on you! :)

    Make today great!

  5. I am sure the violet looks so cool :D

  6. 6" wow! I think it's cute and I'm sure that violet looks great when the sun hits it!


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