Friday, March 26, 2010

The One Where I Go To A Food Event With No Appetite and Take No Pictures

On Monday, Ashley and I went to Foodportunity. Foodportunity is a chance for people who are passionate about food to meet and network with each other. And because Ashley was on the ball, she was able to get us tickets.
All day Monday, I had been feeling ill. I hadn't eaten anything substantial all day long (soup, a piece of bread). When I don't eat I know something's wrong. I didn't feel bad, just no appetite. I didn't dare cancel cause as Ashley said this isn't something we can do anytime we want. For the record Ashley was feeling ick as well so we were the pair.
I had a list of the things I had to try. Appetite or not I was going to get me some Alaskan Silk Pie and see what Hama Hama was all about. I got to try 2 pieces of pie at Alaskan Silk Pie (banana rum and a chocolate mousse). Yum! I'll be attempting to find their store (without a sign nonetheless) soon. I think Shauna twittered about Hama Hama but I didn't catch the whole discussion so I wanted to check them out. Yeah Hama Hama sells oysters. Me, not feeling too hot and oysters. Sure what the heck. At least they were smoked oysters. And they were delicious. If I had been feeling better I would have had more. I'll be getting some of those once I feel 100%.
While I was looking for Ashley (we got separated a couple of times) I met Marilyn who makes nut butter. She was an adorable sweetheart. And her Spicy Hot Pecan was fantastic. I tried truffle oil at La Buona Tavola (who have $5 wine tastings and sample tables everyday! Sounds like date night to me!). The nice man with La Buona Tavola was very sweet and let me taste whatever I wanted (truffle honey, truffle butter, truffle cream). Fantastic I tell you.
I got to meet the lovely Keren Brown who organizes these events. She was sweet and pleased to me (who babbled like she was meeting a rockstar. Keren is a rockstar of my Twitter page :).  I wish I would have been feeling 100% so I could have met more people.
Now why didn't I take pictures? Cause I was lugging my laptop. I came straight from work. I couldn't keep my laptop bag from choking me and not hitting people and take pictures. I was feeling my limits that day!
So lucky to live in a place with a vibrant food community where I can participate!


  1. Wow - that sounds like it was so fun!! I'm sorry you were feeling icky, but I'm glad you went anyways.

    Okay - so these smoked oysters... were they just smoked in the shell? Were they flavored?? There is a place we go to down here that grills them (in the shell) and puts flavoring on them - like garlic parmesan. I'm telling you, they are some of THE BEST things you've ever had!!

    And what is this silk pie?? Is it a brand, or is the pie silky??

    Chris and his co-workers checked out one of the sushi places you recommended. One of the other guys had been up there before and had heard of it. He's back today - got back at 4:00 in the AM. Layover in LA + red-eye + 2-hour time difference = sleepy Chris.

  2. That does indeed sound like a wonderful time!! too bad you had to lug around your laptop!! Pictures would've been great! :)


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