Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Baked Salmon with Mayo

Tai and I decided to have salmon for dinner on Sunday. I was going to prepare it my usual way, but Tai suggested I try Jeff's way with the mayo. I know, ew, salmon and mayo. But trust me it's yummy. But I've never made it Jeff's way. Sadly Jeff has moved away to San Francisco and left us bereft.* So I did some internet digging and found this recipe.
I love the "crust" on top. I followed the recipe but left out the peppers since I didn't have any. The mayo lends a sweet taste to the salmon. I would make this again. It might become my go to salmon recipe.
*Yes, I could have asked Jeff for the recipe. I pinged him but got no response. So I had to wing it.


  1. mmm. sounds good! i'll have to try it for myself some time... husband doesn't like fish :)


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