Monday, March 22, 2010


At the comic con, there were plenty of tshirt booths. I saw lots of the same ones over and over again but I found one booth with some cool book related ones. Unshelved is actually a webcomic but they sell cool tshirts too.
This one is great for a library freak like me:
This one made me laugh out loud:
And this was the back:
And this one was just cool:
Sadly they didn't have one in my size. I plan on buying at least one soon.


  1. I love the "Book Club" shirt! Cute.
    And the "Read Irresponsibly".

    Can you order them online??

    By the way - Chris is in Bellevue. Not sure exactly where, but any great restaurant recommendations for that area??

  2. Oh my gosh they have one that says Bibliovore too haha!


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