Thursday, May 20, 2010


On nights were I go to the gym or Tai plays volleyball, I get off easy on dinner. Instead of making a meal, I  make us each a shake. This is Tai's recipe. He used to make them for me but I usually make them for both us as I get home before he does.
The cast of characters:
Non-dairy creamer, whey protein powder, frozen fruit, milk (lactose free). The creamer helps make the shake creamy like a milkshake. You can choose from different flavors or get fat free if you wanted to. I use frozen fruit most of the time unless it's summer (soon!) and I can get fresh fruit. I bought this Spectrum Blend from Costco, but I prefer the berry mix instead. We buy the Gold Standard whey powder from Amazon. It lasts us a few months and I think it's pretty good.
So I put 2 huge handfuls of fruit, 2 scoops of protein powder, 3 cups of milk and a splash of creamer. I blend it up and usually add more milk/creamer as needed for the right consistency.
The finished product:
To be honest we each drink 2 of those (about 32 oz) after each workout. On gym nights this is my dinner. One time I tried to eat after drinking that huge shake and gave myself a tummy ache! This is a meal. It fills me up and I don't need to eat anything else. I actually look forward to them. These shakes are delicious!


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