Tuesday, September 14, 2010

BBAW-Interview with Danielle of There's A Book

One of my favorite things about BBAW is the chance to meet new-to-me bloggers. And this year's interview swap is no different. I had the honor of interviewing Danielle of There's A Book.  She interviewed me so check out my responses on her blog!

Tell us a little a bit about yourself.
Well, I'm a stay at home mom of two wonderful little kiddos I call the Turkeybird and Littlebug. I'm also married to a fabulous husband (recently practicing attorney, yay!) who tolerates every bit of my book obsession with grace, except for when he's fighting over a book with me. Besides that, I love to read (obviously), write, play the flute and am very active in my church. I started my blog almost a year ago with the intention of sharing books for children of all ages in an effort to help parents find books that match their own children's tastes. It's been a labor of love and I can't wait for many more years of blogging.

I have a hard time posting on one blog so I'm in awe that you contribute to 2 blogs (There's A Book and Chick Lit Reviews) Is it hard posting on 2 blogs?Yes, and no. I have wonderful co-bloggers (Leah & Chloe) at Chick Lit Reviews who do the majority of the posting. My features generally run on Saturday's and talk about "American" Chick Lit. It's been great because I have an outlet to discuss something outside the realm of children's literature at least once a week. What is becoming increasingly difficult about it is the time to read, but honestly I think we all have that problem in some form! Too many books, too little time!
A lot of book bloggers have a book that turned them into book bloggers. A book they wanted to share & talk about with others. What helped start you blogging?
My reasons for starting my site had more to do with my children than anything actually. When my son was born he loved to read and it was hard to keep up with all the books. It was also extremely difficult to find the "right" books. I would visit bookstores and the library and be baffled at what to choose because he was very particular. Now, with his sister it's also quite difficult as she has very different taste in books than her brother. So, I knew I couldn't be alone in my dilemma and decided I wanted to help. Thus, started me on my book blogging journey.
What do you find to be the best part of book blogging?
By far, the association with other book bloggers! Second to that would be the association with authors. Both of these were completely unexpected, but I've met some of the best people while book blogging and I can't wait to meet more.

What’s the hardest part of book blogging?
For me, time. Obviously my plate is a little full with two little ones, but I make time by staying up late and squeezing things in during naps. I make it work because I love it.
What types of books do you avoid if any?
I'm definitely not a fan of Erotica type books as that's just not the type of book I read. The other would be self-published books, they generally don't work so well in the Children's book market.
What book do you love that other people seem to dislike?
This is a tough question! Umm...probably the Twilight series. Recently there has been a lot of speaking out against the series, but in all honesty I love it. I have every book signed and reread them on occasion. I feel like no matter whether you like the writing or books, Meyer started something in the book world that can't be denied and I'm very happy she did.
What book did you dislike that others love? 
Pretty much any Classic novel. I'm just not a huge fan unfortunately. My least favorite would be Wuthering Heights. I couldn't get past the first couple of chapters, it was too negative and confusing for me.

Advice for newer book bloggers?
Do it because you love it, not because you want books. Books will come, but the love will wain once the stacks become overwhelming. It's important to remember why you got into blogging. Because books rock and the community does as well!

Thank you Danielle for answering all my questions. Check out Danielle at There's A Book and Chick Lit Reviews and on twitter @The1stdaughter. 


  1. Many people dislike Wuthering Heights. I wouldn't feel bad about it...though it is one of my favorites.

    I hope you are both having a great BBAW! It was great getting to know both of you.

  2. I regularly read Danielle's blog and so it's been lovely to find out a bit more about her! Thanks

  3. Being a mom, I know how it is about finding time to blog! it doesn't matter how old the kids are :-). I enjoyed reading this interview.


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