Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Recap

Tai and I had the extreme pleasure of being invited to two Halloween parties on Saturday. Normally we would have chosen one to attend but since they were relatively close to each other we attended both.
One party was 80's themed so Tai and I needed to decide on 80's costumes. I was really pushing Tai to wear hammer pants but he chose to go with Mr T. I went with generic Valley girl but most people decided I was going for a Flashdance look.
We had a great time at both parties. We both really enjoyed dressing up and getting into the 80's theme!


  1. You guys are adorable. Tai makes a great Mr. T! ^_^

  2. Very cool and original costumes!

  3. Your outfits are great and Mr. T is rocking the house!

  4. I love the costumes! I didn't have one this year, and I missed dressing up.

  5. Glad you had fun. Love the 80s style costume.

    And that's impressive you read 7 books in one month!

    Tina (


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