Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Randomness

Sally at Already Pretty had a Specialty Size Bonanza this week. If you are petite, plus sized, tall, have wide feet, or narrow calves, go here for stores that specialize in your needs. Read the comments too. People chimed in about their favs too.
 I recently bought these boots from Target.
 A lot edgier than my usually choices. Incredibly comfortable though.
 I loved these too. But they didn't fit my calves. Boo!
I have been obsessed with mary janes.

I seriously need more in my shoe closet.


  1. I recently got the cutest pair of patent leather mary janes from DSW. I wore them with tights this week and felt like I was 6!

  2. I found a grayish tan pair of boots at Sears of all places for $30 the day after Thanksgiving. They have three or four buckles on them. They're a little more "motorcycle chic" than I normally wear, but I love them!


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