Friday, November 5, 2010

Seattle Restaurant Week: Moshi Moshi

For our last Seattle Restaurant Week stop, I choose Moshi Moshi, a sushi restaurant in Ballard. We love sushi and there wasn't a ton of sushi choices on the Restaurant Week list, so Moshi Moshi it was. This was our first visit to Moshi Moshi (which means hello in Japanese, it can also be used to get someone's attention).
We were seated in the loft portion of the restaurant above the sushi bar, so this was just next to us:
A huge LED cherry tree. It was kind of cool and give off a soft glow. Tai and I decided to do the $25 menu but also ordered a couple of extra appetizers.

First was these shishito peppers which were delicious. Not too spicy but a little kick. I'd never had them before but really enjoyed them.

Next was the eggplant dengaku (Japanese eggplant with miso paste). This is hands down my favorite new food. I'd had it before and really enjoyed it. Not a lot of Japanese restaurants carry it so we were really excited to see it here. The waitress told us this is her favorite dish and she was really glad we ordered it. She said hardly anyone ever does.
Tai ordered me some edamame. Nom nom! I love edamame.
Our meals came with miso soup. A nice traditional start to a meal.
I chose the age dashi tofu for my appetizer. It's fried tofu served with ginger, scallion, and bonito flakes in a sweet sauce. It's one of my favorite Japanese dishes. I really liked Moshi Moshi's version. Their sweet sauce was delish.
Tai got to the seaweed & octopus salad. I had a bite. It was good. I don't enjoy either octopus (usually) or seaweed. He enjoyed it.
We both opted for the omakasa for our entrees. Omakasa is chef's choice, the chef gives you what he feels is the freshest and best on the sushi bar that night. It was a good mix of sushi and sashimi.
For dessert, I got the flan (and I've totally forgotten the flavor of it!). It was good and creamy. The grilled pineapple was a great touch.
But the ice cream mochi was the bomb! Ice cream mochi is ice cream wrapped in a rice cake wrapper. It's so good. Our order came with (starting at the front) green tea, mango, and strawberry. I love ice cream mochi but was this was the best ice cream mochi I've ever had. A lot of times the rice cake wrapper isn't flavored so it's like blah. But these wrappers where flavored just like the ice cream. It really made the difference.
All in all we liked Moshi Moshi. It's too bad it's kind of far from us-about 40 minute drive. But I'd stop there if we were in the area.


  1. The tree is so very cool and the food looks interesting! I wish my husband was more daring!!


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