Friday, June 3, 2011

The Splendor Falls by Rosemary Clement-Moore

I choose to read The Splendor Falls after reading About Happy Books wonderful review. I'm so glad I did read it. In fact I read it almost all in one sitting. Yes, it's a 500 page book but I could not put it down!
The Splendor Falls should be made into a movie. It read like a movie. We have Sylvie, a dancer who broke her leg. Sylvie is dealing with the fact she can no longer dance as well as her mom remarrying. To avoid leaving Sylvie alone in her Manhattan apartment, she's shipped off to her cousin's house in Alabama. I loved Sylvie immediately. She's angry at the world. She meets Ryhs, a hunky Welshman in town with his dad, and Shawn, the town golden boy. She's torn between the two. She feels pulled to both of them. Which will win out? I have to admit I couldn't decide for the longest time. Both were attractive.
There's also an element of finding out your past and learning about where you came from. I loved how Clement-Moore weaved the past with Sylvie's present. The book did have a mystical charm to it especially toward the end.
I highly recommend The Splendor Falls. It was a charming escape. Other review can be found at About Happy Books, Curling Up The Fire, Forever Young Adult, Giraffe Days, Lisa's World Of Books and The Scattered Bookshelf.
This is the fourteenth book I read for the 2011 YA Reading Challenge.

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  1. I must read this because I totally loved your review and also seeing how you couldn't put the book down and it was over 500 pages!!


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