Tuesday, September 13, 2011

BBAW 2011-Interview With WalkieTalkie Book Club's Blog

  1. I love BBAW because it introduces to me so many new blogs. Tell me more your blog, Walkie Talkie Book Club blog.
I started the blog in early 2010 as a place to keep track of book club activities, write about books, and hopefully create discussion with friend about books read.  I have been in one book club for many years and my “walking partner” and I started reading some of the same books, too, and discussing them while we walked.  We called ourselves the Walkie Talkies.  A few years later I moved and decided to pick up the Walkie Talkie theme with a few people – reading a book and then mall walking or walking outside and discussing it.  My first book club is a large group of women and we always celebrate our books with food and long discussions.  The Walkie Talkie Book Club is meant to fit into a busy schedule and incorporate movement of some kind!  Alternatively, I hope that Walkie Talkie Book Club will also become a place where friends from all over could weigh in on the books we read. 

  1. How do you choose what you read? Do you plan out what you read in advance or just follow your whims? 
My big book club decides month by month what we’re going to read, unless we have reserved “Book Club In a Bag” from the library, in which case we plan out a few months at a time.  (Love those “Book Club in a Bag” choices!).  The Walkie Talkies are also very spur of the moment in choosing our books.  We have created lists of books we want to read and fly by the seat of our pants there, too.  Personally, I use Goodreads to keep track of my TBR list and will pull it up on my phone when I’m at the library to check out a book from that list or reserve books from that list.  I add books from the many book blogs and book newsletters that I read!

3. What do you find to be the best part of book blogging?

I certainly don’t think I’m a great book reviewer, but I like writing about books (and occasionally movies).  The past few years I have challenged myself to “write more” – through journals, letters, poetry, or blogs!  So I like to sit down with a blank “NEW POST” page on the internet and see what transpires. 
I like reading other book blogs and the questions bloggers pose, either through their memes or their discussion about a book.  I like some of the challenges that book bloggers create, but have only participated in a few.  I’m not a fast reader, so I don’t rip through too many books in a month, much less a weekend! 

      4. What’s the hardest part of book blogging?

I think I obviously am very wordy, so that isn’t difficult, but I don’t think I give a good book review.  I mostly write how the book made me feel initially but I don’t delve into “themes” in the book or character representation.  I don’t feel bad about it, but am more amazed at how others can really get to that in their blogging. 
I also don’t have many people interacting with me on my blog, and that can be a little discouraging at times, but I’m ok with just writing my thoughts to the ten people who might read it.  J 

     5. What types of books do you avoid if any?

Although I loved dystopian books when I was younger (teen years), I have a hard time reading it now so I avoid it.  I also don’t read science fiction.

6. What book do you love that other people seem to dislike?

Depends on the people, I guess. J  My book club likes pretty mainstream, contemporary, lighter fare.  There were many who could not read “Pride and Prejudice,” which is one of my all time favorite books.  They also didn’t love “The Life of Pi” as much as I did!

7. What book did you dislike that others love?  

I have not read a single book in the Twilight series.  Books that I started but didn’t finish because I disliked them include “The Corrections” by Jonathan Franzen, “A Visit from the Goon Squad,” and “Running with Scissors.”  They were best-selling books (even prize winning) but not my taste. 

8. I see you are a movie fan too. What are your top 5 favorite movies?

 Tough question! 
1)    Moulin Rouge & Strictly Ballroom
2)    Pride & Prejudice (BBC version)
3)    Billy Elliott
4)    Bridesmaids
5)    Under the Tuscan Sun & Sleepless in Seattle
I could go on and on.  Goodness… Now I’m craving a good movie!  J

Thank you Danette for playing along with my questions. Please check out WalkieTalkie Book Club's Blog.


  1. I love the idea of a walking book club! How cool is that?

  2. Nice idea for a book club. I like that. I wonder if audio books figure into the mix.

  3. Thanks Linda for the interview! It'll be fun to keep track of you and the books you read.

    As to the comments, I go in spurts with audio books and certainly do have something playing in my ears if I'm walking alone! I started listening to a lot of podcasts so audiobooks took a backseat, but now that I'm caught up I'm getting more audiobooks from the library. Good stuff!

    See you on Twitter!

  4. Nice to meet you :)

    Ohhh I love the BBC PP version

  5. What a great idea, walking and talking about books! I'd be much more likely to actually exercise if I had a reading buddy to talk books with! I often wonder at how deeply some bloggers can get into the books they read. I'm a bit envious at times, but I love reading their thoughts. Moulin Rouge and Under the Tuscan Sun are two of my favorites, too!

  6. I love the idea of the Walkie Talkie book club. It seems like getting fit would be much easier if I had a few bookish buddies to chat with while pounding the pavement.

    Great interview!

  7. I didn't know there was a book blog too. Cheers to finding new blogs. Pride and Prejudice is my favorite too. I love the Kiera Knightly version.

    I have Running with Scissors in my TBR, hope I'm not disappointed by it


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