Monday, September 19, 2011

Plus By Veronica Chambers

If you are looking for a fun young adult/chick lit romp, Plus is your book. I immediately liked Bee. She’s smart (premed) but really insecure. She snags an adorable boyfriend but things quickly fall apart with him. Out of the blue, Bee is offered a chance to model. At one point in the book, Bee compares modeling to a river. Instead of navigating that river (at least at the beginning) she gets pulled along. I wouldn’t even call it floating, more like towed by the undercurrent. Bee spends most of the book struggling to stay above water both in modeling and with her relationships. At one point, a guy asks her what her passion is. Is she truly passionate about being a doctor? But I think if you ask most 17 year olds what their passion is, you’ll get a blank stare. Ask me what my passion is and you’ll get a blank stare. That’s probably why I identified so much with Bee. Modeling was dumped in her lap. It wasn’t her dream. At the beginning Bee was pretty na├»ve.  She struggles with her narrow view of the world and the reality of the world. I felt the beginning of her story was very realistic except her parents. Bee is 17 and signs a modeling contract without her parent’s involvement. That struck me as odd. As well as her parents never getting involved with her new professional life. Bee grows up, learns to enjoy her newfound success and balance her modeling with her relationships. I was really happy for Bee at the end. 
I really enjoyed Plus and would recommend it especially for fans of Bridget Jones (less alcohol and ciggies in Plus), Jemima J (Big Girl gets her man) or Good In Bed (another Big Girl gets her man). Others who shared their thoughts on Plus: Smitten With Books, The Book ScoutFrenetic ReaderElectrifying Reviews, and Debbie's World Of Books.
This was my twenty-fifth read for the 2011 YA reading challenge.

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