Friday, September 2, 2011


I used to do these posts about things I currently liked but stopped. I'm going to start that up again. 

We've had a really mild summer here in the PNW. As a result I've had 3 colds this summer. After the first one, Tai mentioned we should get a tea kettle. He was thinking of stove top one but I choose this one instead. I love that I can heat up water quickly. The red color doesn't hurt.

I grabbed a sample of these Crunchmasters Multi-Grain Crackers at Costco, then went back for 4 more samples. Finally the sample guy pointed to the boxes stacked next to him and I took the hint. I top them with Laughing Cow cheese for a delicious snack. 


Yes, 30 Rock's been a round for a while but Tai and I just started watching this. I love it. We have little marathons every night. 
What are you currently enjoying?


  1. I believe that you just added all 3 of these things to my list of wants!!!

  2. I LOVE my electric kettle! Somehow so much easier than a stovetop tea kettle and classier than the microwave. Glad you're enjoying yours!

  3. How do you usually boil water if not in a kettle?

    Am I just being too British and it should be obvious?

  4. I'm sorry to say that I microwaved cups of water before I got the electric kettle.


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