Thursday, February 7, 2013

Life Lately

As I've mentioned, life has been busy. I was at the urgent care 5 times in January. Four more times than I would have liked. One time was when I sliced my finger open. But the other 4 times were due to my dad's health issues. Dad's been feeling crappy for the last couple of months but in January it seemed to get worse. We were in and out of the doctor's office, looking for an answer. Last week they determined that his heart was the problem and on Monday, he had triple bypass surgery. He's recovering well at the hospital for now. We are making preparations for when he comes home so I've got a lot to do before he can come home. Thankfully Tai's been a wonderful help, running the usual household chores so I can focus on Dad.
Dad and I hate to have our pictures taken so here's one from my wedding:

And since this is Thursday, I'll leave you a little awkward and awesome.


-Trying not to see anything below my Dad's belt. Some nurses are very conscientious about his privacy, some are not.
-Running from place to place and sometimes forgetting where I'm going. 


-The support of my friends and family. Gold stars, guys.
-Being able to be there for my dad. 


  1. Triple bypass.. wow. Keeping all of you in my thoughts and wishing him a speedy and full recovery!

  2. So glad that everything went well. Tai is such a great and supportive husband!! Thinking of you all!!!

  3. I hope that your Dad has a fast and easy recovery! Prayers for you all :)


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