Sunday, May 12, 2013

Weekend Cooking: Almond Brioche Sticky Buns

I put Aidia Mollenkamp's Keys To The Kitchen on hold at the library after reading about it on Cooking With Amy. I loved the second part of the title: The Essential Reference For Becoming a More Accomplished, Adventurous Cook. I'm definitely trying to be a more accomplished and adventurous cook.
Mollenkamp goes over types of meats, veggies, and herbs. She gives concise overviews on how to choose foods and what seasons they would be the freshest. Mollenkamp advocates eating seasonally. I loved all the pictures and the details given to the techniques at the beginning. The first half of the book talks about techniques and teaches a lot about preparing food. The second half is recipes. But even the recipe are demonstrating techniques.
I decided to make Mollenkamp's Almond Brioche Sticky Buns:
Despite the fact they have a difficulty rating of hard, I thought they were fairly easy. A little time consuming but not too difficult. I would definitely make them again.
The only thing I disliked about Keys To The Kitchen was in the recipe section. Mollenkamp talks a lot in the beginning about eating seasonally but the recipes are mashed together. There's no suggestion of which season each recipe might be from. I'm still learning how to eat seasonally so more information would have been helpful for me.
Mollenkamp's Keys To The Kitchen is a must buy for me. Others who share their thoughts on Keys To The Kitchen: The Kitchn, The Spiced Life Edible Living, Turntable Kitchen, and Food Gal.

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  1. I always enjoyed watching Aida's TV show. I'll have to track down a copy of this at my library. It does sound interesting. I can use a little adventure in my cooking too. :)

  2. Those look yummy! I think a seasonal book should be layed out as such too!!

  3. So sorry it too me a while to get here this week. Anyway, those sticky buns look wonderful!

    Despite the organization of the cookbook, this one sounds perfect for me!

  4. These look so absolutely delicious!


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