Sunday, May 26, 2013

Weekend Cooking: Nutella times two #pinitdoit

Tai loves Nutella so a weekend that includes two Nutella dishes was a great weekend for him.
Tai's work was having a potluck the following week. I wanted to make these 3 ingredient Nutella cookies but wanted to make a test batch. While I pulling out the Nutella to make the cookies, I started thinking about breakfast. I wanted to make french toast, but could I incorporate the Nutella in the french toast. Pinterest to the rescue.
So my first pin is the Nutella french toast:

Here's mine:
I had some leftover rolls from Ezell's (local fried chicken place) which worked perfectly. The french toast was very decadent and delicious. I will make these again.

So my test batch of Nutella cookies.
Here's the original pin:

And here's mine:
I took my test batch to my work and people raved about them. No one believed me that that there were only 3 ingredients. I made them small since they were very rich.

What's your favorite recipe to use Nutella in?

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  1. I am so going to make the Nutella cookies!

  2. nutella is like crack to me..i can not control myself around it.
    so of course, i have to make those cookies!

  3. Wow! Pinterest is such a great source of inspiration for me. And I can't wait to try to make these.

  4. I could eat a whole thing of nutella by myself...must pin these!

  5. Can you believe I've NEVER baked with nutella? I know... ;)


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