Thursday, December 19, 2013

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

-I've been sick since Saturday. No bueno.
-Again I was late buying and packaging our Christmas presents. I'm crossing my fingers that everyone gets their presents by Christmas. 
-I want more skinny pants so I can wear my boots more often.

-In a few short hours I'll be starting my vacation. I'm looking forward to a week of relaxing. 
-I'm cohosting Library Loot with Claire now. I've been participating in Library Loot for a while now. I'm very excited to be the co-host.
-I'm 300 pages shy of my 40,000 pages read goal. So looking forward to completing that goal!

What's been awkward and awesome in your week?

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  1. That's awesome about co-hosting library loot and not awesome about being sick. I too wish I owned a whole bunch of skinny jeans so I could wear my boots all the time.


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