Saturday, December 14, 2013

Weekend Cooking: Crock Pot Corn Chowder with Bacon

I had seen this corn chowder on Mavis' blog a while ago. I made it once and Tai said "Needs more bacon and roasted garlic". So the next time I made it, I added our changes. All of us really enjoyed it. I made it for Thanksgiving lunch. But it's perfect for any cold day.

Crock Pot Corn Chowder with Bacon
(adapted from Mavis' Corn Chowder with Potatoes, Bacon, and Chives)

16 oz frozen corn
8 oz of diced potatoes
1 lb of bacon, cooked and diced
1/2 onion, diced
8 cloves of roasted garlic, smashed
4 cups of chicken broth
3 cups of milk
1/4 cup butter
4 tbs cornstarch

Put corn, potatoes, bacon, onion, and garlic in crock pot. To smash garlic, take roasted garlic in a bowl. With the back of a spoon, mash the garlic. Just to make sure you don't get a mouthful of garlic. Pour 3 1/2 cups of chicken broth into crock pot. Cook on low for 3-5 hours, basically til the potatoes are fork tender. 
When potatoes are fork tender, add milk and butter, cook on low for another hour. My soup wasn't as creamy as I wanted so I took the remaining broth, put in a mixing bowl, added cornstarch to create a slurry. I turned the crock pot up to high and added the cornstarch/broth mixture. I stirred it to get that great creamy look. 
Serve with some buttered bread. Made 6 generous bowls.

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  1. Mmm...potato soup is just so comforting. The perfect winter meal in my opinion!

  2. I'm pinning this recipe, it looks wonderful.

  3. That does look like the perfect soup for a winter day!

    Joy's Book Blog

  4. I love a good chowder and this one done in the crock pot would be great for a weekday dinner.

  5. More bacon and more garlic? Sounds like a recipe for deliciousness. This chowder looks great!


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