Monday, February 10, 2014

Enchanting The Lady by Katheryne Kennedy

Linda recently reviewed the fourth in The Relics of Merlin series. The fourth one sounded good but I like to try to start at the beginning of the series if I can. So I put Enchanting the Lady on hold at the library. I'm really glad I did. A great historical paranormal romance.

Felicity (I love that name) is about to take her test to see if she will inherit her parent's title. She has only small glimpses of her magic so she's not sure she's going to pass this test. Since Felicity is so plain, not having a title will lessen her chances of marrying. Her aunt and uncle are kind and provide a place for her to live but Felicity is looking forward to marrying, having babies, and running her own household.

Sir Terrance is one of the Prince's spies but that does not elevate him in society. Terrance is the perfect spy as he is a werelion. But society looks down on weres. Terrance is perfectly happy to let society hang but when he meets Felicity he's very interested in attending balls and finding ways to see her. Terrance is attracted to Felicity's beauty but she also seems to have the aura of relic magic around her. Terrance is charged with finding and destroying Merlin's relics. Will Felicity lead him to another relic?

I really liked both Felicity and Terrance. Felicity has been told she has no magic and no beauty. But when she meets Terrance, her whole life changes. Part of that is Terrance but a lot of it is Felicity believing in herself and making things happen. I loved the magical aspect along with the weres. I will enjoy reading the rest of this series. Others who shared their thoughts on Enchanting The Lady: The Demon Librarian, Fictitious Escape, and Books Like Breathing.
This is my third read for the Romance Reading Challenge.

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