Thursday, February 20, 2014

Awesome and Awkward Thursday

-My new love of World Market. I could spend hours in there. All the foods from all over the world. The wine selection. The awkward part is the bill.
-Our internet. So slow sometimes. Makes blogging hard. 
-Dad and I are in the midst of cleaning out his old house. I want to keep everything! Fighting my hoarding tendencies hard. 

-Menu planning. I love knowing what I'm going to make in a given week so I can not worry about it on the way home. So much easier. Did you see my new weekly post about menu planning?
-I've been on a cleaning kick. I cleaned out my closet. I've been cleaning out my kitchen. Goodbye spices from 2009! 
-Last night's Paul Simon/Sting concert. Amazing. 

What's been awesome and awkward for you lately?


  1. So the credit card company loves you, me...not so much.

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