Friday, February 28, 2014

Morning Glory by Sarah Jio

Morning Glory is exactly why I enjoy Sarah Jio’s novels. Engaging characters, interesting story line, a hint of mystery and romance. Plus it’s set in Seattle on a houseboat. I really enjoyed Morning Glory.

Morning Glory alternates between Ada in the present and Penny in the late 1950’s. Ada lived a perfect life in New York. She was an editor of a magazine with a wonderful husband and an adorable daughter until tragedy strikes. Ada moves to a houseboat on Lake Union, to grieve, to escape. Penny meets Seattle’s most eligible bachelor, Dexter Wentworth. After a quick, whirlwind romance, Penny and Dexter marry and move to a houseboat on Lake Union. But married life isn’t what Penny had in mind especially when Penny meets Collin, a handsome boat maker. Ada becomes intrigued with Penny’s life when she finds a chest of Penny’s memories and the mystery surrounding Penny’s disappearance.

I really liked both Ada and Penny. Penny loves Dexter but Dexter’s depression causes Penny and Dexter to drift apart. Ada is so broken. When she moves to Seattle she wanted to move away from the memories of her husband and daughter. When Ada meets Alex, another houseboater, she finds someone she can share her grief and pain with. I loved how Ada and Alex’s friendship and romance grew. I also liked Penny’s story. I wish Jio would have spent a little more time on Dexter’s depression. Mental health issues aren’t really addressed enough. I did like that Dexter sought help-a therapist and was taking meds. But it’s set in 1950’s so depression probably wasn’t talked about a lot back then.

Overall, I loved Morning Glory. It was a quick read in a month were I feel like I’ve been slogging through books. I always enjoy books set in Seattle especially since I knew most of the places the characters visited. Others who shared their thoughts on Morning Glory: The Lost Entwife, Review From Here, We Still Read, and Book Queen Reviews.


  1. I've heard so, so many great things about Sarah Jio's books. Except I've yet to read anything by her. Which is a bit funny, since I used to love reading her blogs when she wrote for Glamour. I'm sure though I'll eventually find time for her, and hopefully she's one I enjoy just as much!

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