Monday, June 23, 2014

Party In My Pants

This post is filled with TMI.

Several months ago, I read about Party in My Pants on an Offbeat Home post. I'd been reading a lot about chlorine in pads and how generally not the best thing for your lady garden. I switched to chlorine free pads but they were expensive and hard to locate. I had good luck with the Whole Foods brand but sometimes they were out and it wasn't always convenient to head to Whole Foods. Party In My Pants stuck in the back of my mind. But I felt that was a lot of money to spend on pads and held off buying them.

Fast forward several months and I had a small problem in my lady garden. I decided that it was time to bit the bullet and buy some cloth pads. My health was worth me spending a little more on myself. So I purchased several cloth pads from Party In My Pants. Mostly a mix of Luxe Liners and Super Overnight Pads. I bought them all in cotton with the optional snap.
The Luxe Liners
The optional snap is great for narrower panties like bikinis and boy shorts. I love the patterns.
The Super Overnight Pad
I was super impressed with how quickly they shipped. I thought it would be at least a week for me to get them but they came 2 business days after ordering. 
I'm happy with my purchase and plan to buy more cloth pads in the future.

Have you ever bought cloth pads?

Party in My Pants didn't pay me to say these nice things about them. In fact they don't know me. I bought these pads with my own money. Just a happy customer. 

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