Thursday, October 30, 2014

Mini Reviews-Jane, the fox & me, Can't We Talk About Something More Pleasant? And Drama

I don't remember where I heard about Jane, the Fox & Me, but I'm glad I did. This sweet story is about Hélenè, who is being bullied at school. She has no friends so she loses herself in Jane Eyre. Hélenè relates to Jane. But at sleepaway camp, Hélenè meets some people that help her see that her tormentors aren't the only people in this world.
I loved the graphics. But I especially enjoyed reading about Hélenè. I was sad when I finished this one and would have liked more about Hélenè.

I heard about Can't We Talk About Something More Pleasant? from my coworkers. Since I work in the aging field any book about growing older is always talked about. I could really relate to Roz. I too am an only child and have old fogey parents. I want to give this book to everyone who doesn't believe their parents will get old or need help. Roz doesn't pull any punches. She discussed cost of her parent's care, the guilt she feels about seeing them, not seeing them, and what it's like to watch someone die. Brutally honest but so beautiful. Not an uplifting book but one that will stick with me. 
I'm so glad I picked up Drama. Callie is a 7th grader and she loves being involved with her school's drama department. Callie excels at making sets. Drama is the story of Callie putting on a play and the drama that surrounds her. It reminded me of 7th grade when she liked him but he liked someone else and that gross boy liked her. It was cute and fun. I would love to hear more about Callie in the future. 


  1. These look great Linda...I am curious about the age group for these. (I especially like the Jane one)

  2. Are these all graphic novels? Can't We Talk About Something More Pleasant looks really intriguing--and sometimes I think that using graphics is such a great way to tackle tough subjects.

  3. Love the graphic novels...need to make time for one!!


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