Friday, April 3, 2015

March Graphic Novel Reviews

I'd heard good things about Rat Queens so I added it to my holds list. I never expected it to be so funny. I laughed my way through it. Great story, interesting characters, a hint of romance. The humor reminded me a lot of Saga. All in all a great series and I can't wait to read more. 
Based on the life and death of Robert "Yummy" Sandifer, an eleven year old boy who shot a fourteen year girl and then was himself shot to death in 1994 in Chicago. Neri tries to show the life Yummy had and why he might have joined a gang at 10. Neri does an excellent job of attempting to gather facts (only some fictionalization to help move the story) and showing how tough life can be for a young African American boy with no family and no support. Gave me a lot to think about.
The Sword vol 1
I keep wanting to call Dara an unlikely heroine but I think she's one that most authors wouldn't pick. But I thought she was a great choice for this fantastic graphic novel. Plenty of fantasy elements and mystical beings. I can't wait for the second one.
Trinity: A Graphic History Of The First Atomic Bomb
It's hard to say I liked a book about atomic bombs but Trinty is very well done. Fetter-Vorm does a great job explaining the science of atomic bombs. Appropriate for older teens and adults.
Gear School vol 1
Meh. The first in a series about teens in a school to become fighters in a war with aliens. This volume was very quick and not a lot of character development. I did like the anime-esque drawings. I've heard good things about this series so I will try book 2.

The Best Shot in the West
Great story, but the drawings fell flat to me. I love hearing about the Old West and the McKissacks' did a fantastic job of making history come alive. I'll be looking for more by these authors.

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