Thursday, April 2, 2015

March Goals Update

How did I do this month on my goals?

1. Make one meatless meal for dinner a week. Just one meatless meal this whole month! Spinach Artichoke Egg Casserole which wasn't a winner. I need to make a pinterest board for meatless meals.

2. Continue working on my fitness and lose another 30 lbs. I started March with a bit of a cold. That kept me from my workouts. I knew if I hit the gym, my tiny cold would morph into a huge cold and I would forced to stay home. I had zero sick time and too many obligations. So the first 10 days of March were workout free. But I missed working out so as soon as I could I headed back to the gym. I've been alternating between these two kettlebell workouts (The Ultimate Full-Body Kettlebell Workout and 500 rep Kettlebell workout). I've already increased the weight in both. I started with 4kg and now I'm using 8kg. My goal is to be able to do both workouts completely with 16kg at the end of the year. I love seeing the gains I'm making.

3. Go back to meal planning. Still working it. Going great!

4. Schedule one do nothing, stay home weekend a month. March was busy. The last weekend was nice and not busy. I was able to stay home most of the weekend. April is super busy so I will have to fight hard to keep one weekend empty.

5. Plan one trip with Tai this year. Tossed around a couple of ideas but will likely wait to the fall or winter.

6. Get a will and other necessary estate planning documents. Haven't even thought about this.

7. Clean and declutter one room a month. I didn't do any cleaning in the house but we completely cleaned out my dad's old place. I think that is enough for this month.

8. Do one things for myself a month. I meant to go to the spa but life got too busy. I'm planning on a massage next month.

9. Watch one older (pre-2014) movie a month. I need to keep better track of this. I'm sure I did watch at least one older movie this month.

10. Learn to make 5 Japanese dishes.  I made Gyudon,Yamatoimo, and Yakisoba.So I've made 4 dishes total. I have no idea what the next one will be.

11. Stop complaining and start sharing my gratitude. I think I'm complaining less but I'd like to start thanking (seriously) thanking people more.

12. Take 2 cooking classes. I failed to follow up on the one I looked at last month. Maybe in the summer. April is way too busy.

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