Thursday, June 4, 2015

May Graphic Novel Reviews

I didn't know what to expect but I throughly enjoyed this graphic novel. Great political commentary.

I picked this one up because I'm a huge fan of Wiebe's Rat Queens. The Intrepids is good. I'm looking forward to volume 2.
Great story about Ash and Eulalie, two teens who find each other in high school. Neither are very gender conforming so they help each other make it through the day. A little angsty for me but a solid read.
I'm such a Rat Queens fan girl. Another great volume in this series. I loved all the backstory in this one. Looking forward to the third.
A great story of a young girl who trips and falls, needing years of dental work. I loved the message of spend time on your insides not your outsides. Great read for teens and adults.

How Mirka Got Her Sword
A great story about a young Orthodox Jewish girl who wants to slay dragons while her family wants her to learn to be a good Jewish woman. Very well told. Good for middle grades and up.

How Mirka Met A Meteorite
Another great story about Mirka. A wonderful tale about being yourself and being brave.

Tai's been reading Fables and finally got me to start. Interesting story about fairy tales characters living in New York among regular people. Good story line, interesting characters. I'll be continuing the series.

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