Thursday, June 18, 2015

Three Wishes by Liane Moriarty

I added Three Wishes to my library hold list because I've enjoyed Moriarty's other books. This is her first book. I can see how her writing style has changed over the course of the other books. Three Wishes is still very good but you can see the subtle differences between this one and the later books.

Cat, Lyn, and Gemma Kettle are triplets. Cat and her husband are trying to have a baby. Lyn is trying to manage her business and her family (a daughter, step-daughter, and husband). Gemma is footloose and fancy-free. The sisters are very close and spend a lot of time with each other. Each have their own problems. Cat and her husband are having marital problems. Lyn's having panic attacks. Gemma is haunted by an abusive ex. Then there are their divorced parents who are always around. Three Wishes is very much a family drama with lots of comedy.

If you've read any of Moriarty's books, you know something happens at the beginning and then she spends the rest of the novel showing you how we got to the big event. I did enjoy the time I spent with the Kettle triplets. I could see them so vividly. I loved how they jumped off the page. Moriarty has a great way of writing such fantastic characters. I look forward to my next Moriarty book. Others who shared their thoughts on Three Wishes: Words from the Sowul, See Michelle Read, and BookKitty Blog.

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