Friday, May 6, 2016

Five Favorites On Friday

Five Favorites on Friday is my new weekly post about five things I like. I'm hoping to do this every week. We'll see.

Whole Foods Oxygen Whitening Powder
Last summer, we had a leak in the bathroom and I used some towels to soak up the water. I left those towels in a bucket for a couple of days and mildew set in. This whitening powder got those towels so clean. Now I use 2 scoops per load on all my clothes. Whites are brighter and all our clothes smell fresher.

On a whim, I bought this cleaner. Wow, leaves my skin so clean without feeling stripped. 

I've been a fan of La Croix for ages but now I've got Tai hooked. I like to see what flavors I can find.

I've long wanted these little dryer buddies. Now that I have my very own dryer, I bought some. My clothes come out soft and dry. The buddies do like to hide in my clothes but it's fun to look for them.

I love the Pecan Caramel flavor. It's excellent in both cold brew coffee and hot coffee. 

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