Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Siren by Kiera Cass

I added The Siren to my library queue because I've enjoyed Cass' Selection series. The Siren is the first book she wrote before The Selection got published. Overall, The Siren is a good first attempt but lacking in some ways.

Kahlen almost drowned but traded her life to be a Siren. Sirens serve The Ocean and bring Her people to satisfy Her hunger. Kahlen will trade a 100 years of her life to The Ocean and longs for the day she can live her own life.

What I liked the most about The Siren is the characterization of The Ocean. How She talked to the Sirens, how she loved them almost motherly, but kept them captive. Cass makes The Ocean into this amazing character. I felt was the was the most interesting character in this book. I wanted to understand The Ocean and spend more time hearing from her.

My least favorite aspect was the romance. I know why it was there but it felt clumsy and not well thought out. I could see glimmers of The Selection and I like how Cass makes love about more than someone's looks. I wish the book would have been a bit longer so it could have fully developed.

I liked the premise of The Siren. I wish this was a series so I could spend more time with The Ocean. Others who shared their thoughts on The Siren: The Book Nut, PS I Loved That Book, and The Hardcover Lover.

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