Friday, May 27, 2016

Five On Friday

We went to a wine tasting a couple of months ago. I usually don't like white wine but this was my favorite. So light and crisp. Perfect for a summer day.

I've bought this sauce many times at Costco but the last time I went it was on super sale ($1.97 a bottle). They must be changing the formula or the bottle. I bought as much I could use in the next year (8). It's delicious on pork (chops, loin).

I've mentioned my love of Trader Joe's Coconut Oil but their spray is also wonderful. I love it for baking but it works in any situation I would have used Pam.

 I was looking for a easy stretching video and this wasn't too easy but I felt like it stretched all my muscles. The girl's a little giggly but she's so encouraging that I could overlook it. 

Just like candy. I buy a couple of bags at a time and ration them out. 

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