Friday, May 20, 2016

Five On Friday

I had been playing Hearthstone last year, stopped for a while, and have renewed by obsession. It doesn't hurt that Tai plays too. It reminds me of MTG which I like.

I heard the radio ads for the Coffee Bean Blast so much that I had to drive to Trader Joe's for it. Delicious.

I'd been looking for a good all natural laundry soap. I found it in Charlie's Soap. Effective and good for the environment. Really gets everything clean.

I'd been promising Tai I would buy some good shoes. I usually buy cheap shoes and complain how they hurt my feet. I tried on a few pairs and really liked these. The fact that they are mary janes doesn't hurt. These are my everyday black shoes.

Another great find. Does a great job of cleaning the dishes. No fragrance. Doesn't clump. Rinses completely clean. 

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