Tuesday, September 8, 2009

You Say Gamer Like It's A Bad Thing

While at a party over the weekend, I had the following exchange with another woman.

Her: I heard your husband got a new job. Where does he work?
Me: Insert local game company name here.
Her: Oh I'm sorry.
Me: Huh?
It turns out that this woman had some preconceived ideas of gaming. She told me that gamers particularly those who role play like to dress up like the game characters. She doesn't want her 2 teenage sons to get into D&D especially.
I was so confused cause this isn't the first time I've met her and she knows that we play games (board games, video games, etc). And I've never seen Tai dress up like a dwarf (not even on Halloween). Some people do enjoy dressing up but that's not limited to game players. Has she ever heard of a Star Trek convention?
So when I open mouth and insert foot I usually stop and reverse as quickly as I can. But this lady seemed to be ok rattling on her preconceived notions. I accept that she doesn't get it and I wasn't going to sell her anything she didn't want to buy, so I switched the subject when I could.
Do you have preconceived notions about people who play D&D? Should I dress up like an elf the next time I see her?


  1. Oh my God, the D&D hysteria. I'm a little young so I missed out on it when D&D first came out but people really believed that anyone who played it would become so deluded they'd think they were the cleric or mage and go around killing people.

    If you're ever really bored check out Mazes & Monsters. It stars Tom Hanks (before he hit big) and is all about that stupid fear.

    I had no idea so many people still believe that though. Obviously all those early 80's D&D players didn't turn into homicidal maniacs, instead they made billions on the internet bubble.

  2. Oh for the love of Pete. She sounds like a moron. Gamers tend to be a little nerdy, sure, but they also tend to be extremely smart and well-educated. I can think of worse fates for her kids.

    I think you should totally dress up in full-on Ren Faire gear the next time you see her.

  3. Goodness! Not all D&Ders dress up. (I certainly don't!) Of course, if you see her next time you should highlight all the GOOD aspects of D&D. For starters it promotes team work, critical thinking, math, and reading. There are soo many good benefits from playing D&D.

    Of course, I would have loved to be there and seen her face when I said something along the lines of starting a campaign for my teens @ the library!

  4. oh lordy. I can't wait what to hear what she has to say about bloggers.

    I had a lot of great friends in college who were into D&D and WOW- they were awesome great guys.

    What I do not understand is people who become so obsessed with one aspect of their life (whatever it may be) that they neglect all other parts, people and family.

  5. Maybe you and Tai could dress up like elves and send it out on your Christmas cards this year?? ;-)

    Some people just have stupid pre-concieved notions about certain things. I think it's pretty cool that he works for a game company! Much more interesting than most jobs!

  6. I liked Rachel's idea....lol.
    Maybe she has some unusual belief in a religious context that believes dressing up is a sin?

  7. Ha! My husband works in video games too.. I can't remember if I knew that we had that in common! And, yeah, about the stereotypes, I have nothing insightful to say that you don't already know :) Maybe she's jealous, lol!

  8. I would dress up just for fun and to see what she has to say...she sounds like she may be out-to-lunch!!

  9. Honestly my brother was one of those that took the game way too seriously so I was very wary when my husband got back into playing it after we married. But my husband proved that an intelligent person can play for the challenge and enjoyment of it without morphing into a wizard or ogar. Ask your friend if she turns into a money grubbing capitalist when she plays Monopoly. :)

  10. What a bee-atch! I would have smacked her.


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