Monday, September 14, 2009

Yummy Cheese!

Last week, Ashley, Marta and I got together for dinner. When we were deciding where to go, I saw that Art Restaurant was having an all you can eat cheese bar on Twitter via SeattleMaven. If you living in the Seattle area or you are coming to visit you must follow Ann. She knows what's going on and points out good deals all day long.
So I convinced the girls that this was the place to go. As for the cheese bar I was expecting any where from 6-10 cheeses and some crackers. Not this:
There were about 30 cheese, plenty of crackers, nuts, dried fruits, caviar, and quince paste. It was an amazing spread for $12 a person! The waiter said this would be going on for a while so if you are in the area and like cheese go! And they had all different kinds from Bries to cheddar and everything in between.
I also got a salad with argula and artichokes. Yummy!
And Marta and Ashley got the popcorn soup. It actually tasted really good and a little sweet.
And the chef at Art used to be at Cascadia before it closed. A Cascadia he was famous for his sliders. Well he brought them to Art and we had to have them.
Definitely the best sliders ever.
It was a great meal. I can't wait to go back!


  1. Oh man I'd love to go to an all you can eat cheese extravaganza though my stomach may hate me for it.

    I've never heard of popcorn soup before. Is it actually made from popcorn?

  2. let me wipe the drool off my keyboard... that looks soooo good!

  3. That cheese spread looks pretty awesome! And I would so be willing to try popcorn soup, that sounds really interesting!


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