Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gym Clothes

I've started going to the gym with Tai. I do yoga 2 days and walk on the treadmill 2 other days. Sadly my gym clothing selection is tiny. I need to go out and buy gym clothes like these:

Any other must haves for the gym?


  1. Something about having some cute gym clothes makes it all a little more fun :-)

  2. I hate buying gym clothes. For some reason it seems like waste of money to me. I invested in a bunch of really good pants and then I kind of wear whatever shirt/tanktop I have.

  3. i LOVE yoga capris! So comfy!

    Good for you going back to the gym!

  4. I love that green shirt! It would look great with my black yoga pants!

  5. I like to find pants or hoodies that have pockets - that way I don't have to bring my purse in.

    Also, I hate tight pants. Even knit. I feel like everyone is staring at my butt! So I usually buy looser fitting bottoms.


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