Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cute Booties!

I'm a huge fan of the ankle bootie.

But I'm not happy that all the really cute ones have heels, too high for me heels! Where are the cute flat ones?


  1. I hate how all womens shoes either have major heels or are very ugly flats. Apparently every woman is about 5'4" and wants to look like she's 5'7".

    No idea what those of us that are 5'7" are supposed to do aside from wearing bread bags on our feet.

  2. I have some ankle boots like the ones at the bottom, very center. They aren't too high, and are surprisingly comfortable for boots. They're Sofft brand, I think.

    That being said, I wear them maybe once every year around Thanksgiving or Christmas, haha.

    I saw some Rocket Dog boots on piperlime.com that are flat. I don't know if they're comfortable or anything, but they're decently cute!

  3. My guess is that they don't make the flat ones because ankle boots in a flat would make you look like Peter Pan.

    Honestly, I haaaate ankle boots, unless they're being worn with long pants. With a skirt, it just gives the illusion of having tree stumps for legs. Which, no thank you.

  4. I have a few pairs of ankle boots that I LOVE- but I can't bring myself to wear them with skirts. I just need to try it once and see how it goes.

  5. hmmm have to admit that I've never seen any cute flat ankle booties...they always seem to make legs look shorter and wider. That being said, if you find some that work I'd love to see a picture! I love flat knee high boots and ankle booties with heels so if the two could be combined together without cutting off the leg that'd be awesome!

  6. Never really got the whole ankle bootie thing, it's cos when i take out my boots I want them long so they are warm since it's so cold here ;)
    But they look cute!! :D

  7. i LOVE ankle boots with my pants. I don't think i have or will ever wear them with a skirt!

    I think i have the pair (left 2nd to top) on right now! :)


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