Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Halloween Costume Inspiration

For Halloween we've been invited to a murder mystery party set in the old west. My character is an widow and the suggested outfit was pretty basic-a black top and black skirt. But I had a specific idea in mind.
 I know the ladies of Avonlea aren't old west but it was the proper look I was going for. 
But in doing my research it was in line what women wore in that time period. I did some searching and did find some stuff online but it was pretty expensive. I was concerned that if I ordered something it might not fit and I might not have enough time to get something else.  We headed out to the stores to see what we could find. I choose this:
Of course I won't need the broom, cape or hat. But the buttoned up top was exactly what I wanted. Sure it's a little flimsy but we'll be inside and I think I'll be fine.
So what about Tai? His character is a cowboy.

But without the fringe and in black. Adult sized of course. We found the hat so far. Chaps don't seem to come in Tai's size. He's also obsessed with a duster.

We couldn't find a play one in his size and the real ones were more than we wanted to spend for a one night thing. But I am taking this opportunity to get myself some black cowboy boots.

We did go to the one Western clothing store near here and found $400 boots. I'll keep looking.
I'm kind of excited about the party. I've been to two other murder mystery parties and they are a lot of fun. I'm also excited to get all dressed up!


  1. Sounds like a fun time.

    Reminds me of my old Goodwill hunting days coming up with costumes. It was a lot of work but it's amazing what you can find and reconstitute.

    Eventually we found enough to make two hobbits, a wizard and an elf.

  2. Wow- can't wait to hear about the party- sounds lots of fun!

  3. I have never been to a murder mystery party, I bet it will be lots of fun...can't wait to see pics!
    Hope you have a great day!

  4. I've always wanted to go to one of those! How fun!!!

    Have you thought about wearing a doilie or some hankerchief at your neck with a pin, like in the picture??

    And, has Tai found his belt and belt buckle yet?? ;-) Every Cowboy needs a big buckle.

  5. The adult "cowboy" looks like he's done up as an Aussie Jackeroo. The hat looks very like an Akubra in form. Is the coat what you call a duster? We call oilskin coats like that drizabone (dry as a bone).


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