Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Twlight Marketing Goes Too Far

A few months ago, I was disappointed to see Wuthering Heights (their publishers really) trying to capitalize on Twilight by releasing a new cover.

I don't remember Bella and Edward reading Wuthering Heights but my friend Abby tells me I'm mistaken. I believe her. I think she read Twilight a couple of times. If you are going to read Wuthering Heights read it because it's a school assignment or because you want to. Not because it's Edward and Bella's favorite book. Sheesh.
But what I saw over the weekend put Wuthering Heights to shame. May I present Bella's own coffee?

I found this while in line at Whole Foods. I had to take pictures. Not a fan of Bella? Prefer something darker? How about the Volturi Blend?

Or maybe The New Moon roast is more your speed?

Oh you don't like coffee? There's tea too.

New Moon Red for those long nights. Or perhaps a sampler pack.

 Strawberry Seduction, Cullen's English Breakfast, and New Moon Red.
At $11 each these treats stayed on the shelf. As much as I enjoyed the books the thought of buying Edward's favorite cereal or Jacob's favorite dog biscuits doesn't appeal to me. What about you? Would you buy a Twilight themed product?


  1. totally agree with you on this..how ridiculous is that packaging. Everyone wants a piece of the $$$$
    I hated Wuthering Heights!

  2. Lazy lazy advertising. They don't want to understand what women want so they stick a sparkly vampire on it and call it good.

  3. That is so ridiculous! But I'm sure there are people who will buy it!

  4. I hate how that happens. When something becomes popular...everyone else jumps on it. Twilight oversaturation!

  5. Seriously? i read all the books and yet I still don't get the allure of it all, much less wanting to go out and give my hard earned cash for some yucky coffee because it's Bella's Blend.

    Total Fail in my book!

  6. Oh yes I saw the Wuthering Hights book, stupid, but teenage girls will read it cos of it

  7. Oh, Linda. It gets SO MUCH worse. Allow me to blow your mind.

    **DO NOT click this link while you're at work. Seriously.**
    The Vamp.

    An Edward d!ldo. I kid you not.

  8. I agree that it's gone too far! When we passed through Forks on the way to hike, we noticed Twilight STORES. And in Port Angeles, the restaurant where Edward and Bella had their first date in the book (Bella Italia or something similar) had HUGE signs in the window announcing the fact. Not sure what came first, the book or the restaurant. It's all beyond ridiculous but I guess people will make a buck any way they can!

  9. I love Twilight, but it is all getting a little out of control. They need to just stop. I cannot believe what Cindy W. posted...hysterical.

  10. haha - i don't even know who edward and bella are! but i'm assuming from your post it's the lead characters in twilight??

  11. Man, the Twilight tie-ins are getting out of control, aren't they? I think I will make a point NOT to buy anything with a Twilight tie-in.

  12. The commercialism of this day and age is utterly ridiculous. And at Whole Foods to boot. *shakes head in bewilderment*

  13. I'm deeply disappointed in Whole Foods for giving in to this capitalism ridiculousness. Seriously, this is one of the craziest things I've ever seen.

  14. Oh how stupid!!
    Really?? I mean, I could almost understand some of that stuff if it was marketed to kids (and it was obvs for kids, and not coffee!!) - but what 40 year old is going to say "Hey, Bella's blend? I've got to try that!".

  15. I haven't been able to bring myself to read Twilight. From everything I've read *about* Twilight, I just don't think I'd enjoy it (it's not that I don't like vampires OR angsty teens...something about it just rubs me the wrong way).

    But yeah, this is slightly out of hand.


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